Christopher A. Bakerfield

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Biological Principal Investigator

christopher bakerfield profile photo

Dr. Chris Bradfield is a Professor in the Department of Oncology, and Director of the UW Biotechnology Center. Dr. Bradfield’s involvement with the UW MIA project is focused on the development of field identification analysis to improve accuracy and reliability, as well as to reduce site effort so that an increased number of projects can be completed. In his other research, Bradfield leads a transdisciplinary team of population health scientists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and clinician scientists to study the role of Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) sensors in environmentally-influenced diseases such as cancer and obesity. Their overarching goals are to increase understanding of PAS family signaling pathways and to develop interventions and therapeutic strategies to improve human and environmental health.

Dr. Bradfield traveled with the team in summer 2019 to assist with an attempted remains recovery mission in Western Europe, the efforts of which are ongoing.