Mae Hurtado-Thiele

B.S. Genetics and Genomics, Spring 2023

Alicia Lawson profile photo

Alicia Lawson

B.A. Anthropology, History, Certificate in Archaeology, Classical Studies, European Studies, Leadership, Spring 2021

Torrey Tiedeman profile photo

Torrey Tiedeman

B.A. Economics, Political Science, Legal Studies, Certificate in Archaeology, Spring 2020

Samuel Tooley

Juris Doctor Candidate, Spring 2024

Maggie Bartig

B.S. Data Science, Fall 2023

Emily Eichstedt-Anderson 

B.A. Anthropology from UW in 2018, currently working on a Master’s in Library Science, Spring 2023

Amanda M. Jentsch 

B.A. Biology, Anthropology, English, Spring 2023

Lia Devereux

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2023

Tristan Krause

B.A. in History, Certificates in Classics, Medieval Studies, and European Studies, Spring 2018

Alicia A. Rodriguez

B.A. History, Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies, Spring 2024

Anna Dyrbye-O’Hare

B.A. Political Science, Legal Studies, Spring 2023

Jonah Yang

B.S. Biology, Spring 2024

DJ Schaefer

B.A. History, Certificates in Classical Studies and European Studies, May 2021
Currently pursuing M.A. in Maritime Archaeology at East Carolina University, Spring 2024

Susan Hubbard

Graduate student studying Chemical and Biological Engineering, Fall 2025

Olivia Thompson

B.S. Biology, Biological Anthropology, Spring 2022

Nils Peterson

B.A. Chinese, History (Honors), Spring 2022

Alan Lee

M.S. in Chemistry, M.A. in Anthropology
Currently pursuing a Ph.D. Anthropology (dissertator), Fall 2024

Keegan Trevillian

B.S. Cartography & GIS, Geography, Spring 2024