Nan Kim

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Recovery Project Principal Investigator

Nan Kim profile photo

Dr. Nam C. Kim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at UW-Madison. He holds a BA in International Relations (University of Pennsylvania, 1996), an MA in Political Science (New York University, 1998), and a PhD in Anthropology (University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010). Dr. Kim investigates prehistoric societies using data gathered through archaeological fieldwork and is interested in the cultural factors and historical trends that led to the emergence of some of the earliest forms of urbanism and archaic states.

His fieldwork in recent years has been focused on the site of Co Loa, an ancient settlement located near modern-day Hanoi in Vietnam. Dr. Kim also performs research on organized violence and warfare, exploring various dimensions of violence including associated cultural practices, attitudes, and belief systems. Dr. Kim has served as a faculty member at UW-Madison since 2010 and is affiliated with the Center for East Asian Studies and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

Dr. Kim joined the team in the summer of 2017 and traveled to France to assist with the successful recovery of the remains of 1LT Frank Fazekas.