The Board of Visitors


The Board of Visitors is a group of volunteers committed to supporting the mission of the UW-Madison Missing in Action Recovery and Identification Project (MIA-RIP) by extending our statewide network, raising our public platform both at the state and national levels, and contributing to the fundraising efforts that help us continue our public service, research, and field recovery objectives.

UW MIA Recovery and Identification Team

Our Mission is a Race Against Time!

Every day, we lose veterans and eyewitnesses who can provide information and pinpoint possible MIA locations. We are driven by
our desire to make as many recoveries from conflicts starting from the World War II-era as possible. You can help us beat the clock!

Our Mission Offers Students Real-World Research Experience!

We rely on research volunteers, mostly unpaid University of Wisconsin students, who offer their time and research skills to make a difference for the larger Wisconsin community. You can help us expand our budget to compensate our loyal volunteers!

Our Mission Brings U.S. Servicemembers Back Home!

The UW-Madison MIA Project team has participated in three field missions abroad to help recover the remains of MIAs! You can be an integral part of this process! Thank you for your interest in a potential Board of Visitors position with the UWMadison MIA Project! We appreciate your support of our ongoing mission.

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